Fearless Free Feminine - Athena's Leadership program for Women.

Find and Live your Truth as a Woman in Business. An Immersive Wisdom Embodiment Course offered in 3 formats.

Our Fearless Free Feminine courses are available as full immersion retreats and as online courses: either with a virtual mentorship or in a self guided study. Our courses consist of personal development content, business development content, workshops, homework and individual work on a sustainable project.

Athena Courses are Based on Three Pillars.

Knowledge becomes Wisdom when personal Experience and regular Practice meet.

  • Ancient wisdom

    Ancient wisdom is an inherent part of your heritage as a human being. Elders from older traditions from around the world have accumulated so much experience, knowledge and wisdom on how to expand our consciousness, improve our well-being, find our purpose and live, work and lead in accordance with it. Reconnecting with ancient wisdom will help you build self-confidence, trust and resilience.

  • Science

    There is more and more scientific evidence on the topics of mindfulness and its effect on the brain and body, the power of thought or "placebo" effect and how it affects biological processes, the power of a positive environment on the transcription of genes or the amazing neuroplasticity of our brain. Science is beginning to confirm what ancient wisdom has known for centuries. But there is so much more to learn.

  • Business

    We use agile and holistic models like the leadership and change management framework developed at MIT - Theory U, a living systems approach to building successful organizations - the Dragon Dreaming Project Design method, and elements from the trendy Design Thinking technique. Our business frameworks will prepare you to lead within the current intensity and increasing complexity of today’s economic world.

Who is Fearless, Free, Feminine for

It is for women who are curious about their inner potential, how self-development leads to business success, and who want to start to learn techniques to bring out their greatest strengths. It is for women who are ready to go on a quest to discover their life’s purpose and uncover a guiding vision for leading a fulfilled life. It is for women who want to embody their highest potential and are willing to cultivate the courage, strength, and inner wisdom to say, “I want, I can, I go.”
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What is Fearless Free Feminine?

Instructor Simone Junod explains the Course Content

Until June 2022 all our courses are available with a 50% discount

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Athena Wisdom - A Consciousness Revolution at Work

Vision from Founder and Course Instructor Simone Junod

Testimonials - Fearless, Free, Feminine. Find and Live your Truth as a Woman in Business.

Alexandra Simone

Insurance Sector

“Thanks to the program I got in touch with deeply rooted patterns of my behavior, especially avoidance patterns. It is amazing that through the teachings we experienced, I found the key to the room where all those patterns are hiding and at the same time access to the toolbox to get rid of all these patterns. It felt like an intense spring cleaning."


Banking Sector

“The program empowered me to have trust in myself, to be aware of my thoughts and to be the creator of my own future, without the influence of my environment.”


Police Sector

I can highly recommend this program to anybody who definitely wants to make a major change - a change in your business life or a change in your private life. In this program, you will gain as I did, more perspective and additional tools in order to really master the challenges we all have.


IT Sector

When you discover who you truly are and what you truly want and how you can achieve it – it is like nothing changes and everything at the same time. So difficult to describe and to grasp, so simple to experience. I became limitless, unbreakable, fearless. It is like I have always been that person, but never noticed, never knew. Now, I do not search for purpose. I embody purpose. I am.

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Covid-19 measures

In all our courses and retreats we implement the COVID-19 regulations enforced by the BAG. We do not require a certificate as long as it is not made mandatory by the BAG.