Self Study Course

The course consists of pre-recorded sessions with your instructor Simone Junod, as well as other videos, podcasts, and written materials.

You should count on average 2 hours of self-guided study per week to watch and read the mandatory materials. You will have to complete some homework during the course, taking on average less than 1 hour per week. Most of the homework will blend into your everyday life and work, where you will be able to decide how much time do you want to spend. The more you will practice, the deeper the transformation will be.

What this course is

Fearless, Free, Feminine is a 5-month immersive wisdom embodiment course for women willing to further grow and live the highest expression of themselves.

You have started your career path with enthusiasm and passion, yet feel only partially fulfilled. You are longing to have a greater impact in both your personal and professional life and have initiated a self-introspection journey, yet so far, you have not progressed as much as you wish. You intuitively feel that there “is more to it” in this life, however have not yet uncovered the keys to access these other resources and capabilities. Deep down you know that there is more for you to learn and find within yourself, that there is more for you to do in this world.

Who this course is for

It is for women who are curious about their inner potential, how self-development leads to business success, and who want to start to learn techniques to bring out their greatest strengths. It is for women who are ready to go on a quest to discover their life’s purpose and uncover a guiding vision for leading a fulfilled life. It is for women who want to embody their highest potential and are willing to cultivate the courage, strength, and inner wisdom to say, “I want, I can, I go.”

How this course works

The true impact and feminine power come from knowing yourself deeply, being connected and in alignment with your higher self, having a vision for your life, and cultivating the inner strength and confidence to bring that vision forward into the world.

Once your physical, emotional, and intellectual states are fully aligned with your body, you attract what you consciously decide to materialize. To achieve this alignment, we take you on this deeply transformative Wisdom Embodiment course.

Over a period of five months, you will go on a discovery journey about yourself, your roots, your challenges, your uncovered potentials, and your life purpose. With a well-balanced blend of body movements, breathing techniques, rituals, guided meditations, storytelling, and reflection processes, you will experience through your body, understand with your mind and reignite your inborn inner wisdom.

Course toolbox - personal growth

You will learn methods and processes to

  • observe and reflect upon your life from a higher perspective 
  • transform unconscious biases and blocking patterns into strengths and resilience
  • become the master of your thoughts and emotions and induce a quiet mind

Course toolbox - business skills building 

You will learn techniques to

  • expedite decision-making using both intuitive and rational mind equally
  • accelerate brainstorming, creativity and critical thinking
  • dream, define and bring your vision to life

Course toolbox - community

You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women and female coaches willing to 

  • expand consciousness and spirituality to business
  • increase sustainability, equality and diversity in the companies they work for
  • lead a purpose-driven life and inspire from their inner core values

Testimonials - face to face Fearless, Free, Feminine course

Alexandra Simone Shaw

Insurance Sector

“Thanks to the program I got in touch with deeply rooted patterns of my behavior, especially avoidance patterns. It is amazing that through the teachings we experienced, I found the key to the room where all those patterns are hiding and at the same time access to the toolbox to get rid of all these patterns. It felt like an intense spring cleaning."

Stéphanie Nyffenegger

Banking Sector

“The program empowered me to have trust in myself, to be aware of my thoughts and to be the creator of my own future, without the influence of my environment.”

Gertrud Muralt

Police Sector

I can highly recommend this program to anybody who definitely wants to make a major change - a change in your business life or a change in your private life. In this program, you will gain as I did, more perspective and additional tools in order to really master the challenges we all have.

Alexandra Choutko

IT Sector

When you discover who you truly are and what you truly want and how you can achieve it – it is like nothing changes and everything at the same time. So difficult to describe and to grasp, so simple to experience. I became limitless, unbreakable, fearless. It is like I have always been that person, but never noticed, never knew. Now, I do not search for purpose. I embody purpose. I am.


Senior Business Coach, Wisdom Keeper, Speaker and Founder of Athena Wisdom Institute and Athena Center AG

Simone Junod

Simone Junod was born and grew up in the French part of Switzerland, in Jura, with eight siblings. After obligatory school and an apprenticeship in finance, she graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland as Business Economist HWV. Along her career path as Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director, she kept training herself, also in areas outside her professional path. Understanding where we come from, what we are here for as human beings have always been her passion. Growing up she and her family lost several young family members. Losing her sister had an immense transformative effect on her and led her to explore completely new disciplines, including energy medicine and the wisdom of traditional cultures - at which point she uncovered her high sensitivity and intuitive competencies. Continuous learning, transferring over knowledge and coaching people to deploy their highest potential or to rediscover complete well-being are part of the vision that has materialized with the creation of Athena Wisdom Institute AG. She is a certified business and management coach & counselor (CAS/ECA) and wisdom teacher.

Education format of the Course

The course consists of pre-recorded sessions with your instructor Simone Junod, as well as other videos, podcasts, and written materials. You should count on average 2 hours of self-guided study per week to watch and read the mandatory materials.

You will have to complete some homework during the course, taking on average less than 1 hour per week. Most of the homework will blend into your everyday life and work, where you will be able to decide how much time do you want to spend. The more you will practice, the deeper the transformation will be.

You will need paper to write and draw, pens, pencils, and a diary.

All modules are available on our e-Learning platform, on which you will need to register before enrolment. All modules and recordings of the webinars will be available starting 1st of June. You will have access for seven consecutive months.

What You Can Expect to Achieve

Now that your intellect, emotional willpower, awareness, and perception are harmoniously working together, guided by your mind, you have become the master of your life path.


In whatever career or life phase you may be today, the Fearless, Free, Feminine Program will provide you guidance, self-awareness, emotional and physical resilience, stamina, and courage to go your path. Whatever background, trauma, or injustice you may have experienced, you will come to know the Power and Wisdom that exists Within You. 

Still unsure or having unanswered Questions?

Book a free 30 minute session with coach and instructor Simone Junod

Do you have questions about the course content? Would you like to get to know the instructor, to check if the chemistry is right? Or do you want to contribute to more diversity, inclusion and sustainability together with the Athena Wisdom Institute?

Module 1: Exploring Your True Identity

In Module 1 you will explore your true identity by learning about your origin, what and who you are as a human being. You will learn about your non-physical intuitive senses and begin working with them regularly. You will bring your personal colors of power to light, reconnect with your spiritual ancestors and grasp the impact of your first name on your life. You will learn about the scientific background of the program: the science of breath and self-awareness as well as some interesting facts from quantum physics.

Module 2: Awakening Clarity

In Module 2 you will explore the relationship between your emotions and actions and learn methods to transform inhibiting patterns into constructive and creative energy. You will experience intensive breathing techniques to dissolve blocked energy in your body. Using specific rituals, you will learn to awaken clarity in your current life, define your goals, and become aware of the areas where you want to create change. You will learn about neuroscience, the placebo effect and the power of conscious thoughts.

Module 3: Transcending The Past

In Module 3 you will learn about your fears, betrayals and their consequences on your life. You will be given techniques to transform them into self-confidence and trust so that you can embody new emotional states. You will also uncover your true place in life, where you belong in your family and your family tree, and how to transcend interfering patterns you’ve inherited from your ancestors. You will obtain insights from epigenetics and the direct impact of past generations on your life and future generations.

Module 4: Dreaming The New You

In Module 4 you will learn how you can dream your ‘New You’ by using your non-physical senses and working with the non-material realities. You will also learn the relationship between dreaming, manifesting and materializing your life vision. You will learn to become the dream keeper of your dream and embody trust. You will grasp the relationship between high energy frequencies and their connections with your physical and emotional states.

Module 5: Bringing Your Vision to Life

This last module is about consolidating and reflecting on what you have experienced and learned so far. You will sharpen your ability to trust your inner wisdom. You will experience different techniques and rituals to manifest your Vision and bring it to Life. You will define the next steps and decide on actions to remain the dream keeper of your dream. And you will come to understand that your possibilities are infinite.

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